ATA Deer Protection Program

What's CWD?

CWD is a contagious neurological disease that slowly kills every deer, elk or other cervid it infects. It’s been identified in 26 states and four Canadian provinces. The disease poses a serious threat to deer populations and state wildlife agencies, which rely on hunting and fishing license fees as a primary funding source.

CWD is caused and transmitted by infectious proteins called prions. CWD prions have been found in the urine of infected deer, although researchers have found no proven connection between urine-based hunting products and the spread of CWD.

Regardless, industry members are stepping up to participate in the ATA Deer Protection Program and assure consumers that they are doing their part in the fight against CWD.
Support The Deer Protection Program and stop the spread of CWD by buying urine-based scent products labeled with the official ATA Seal of Participation. The seal ensures scent manufacturers and other program participants are doing their part to stop the spread of disease.

What the Checkmark Means

Participating manufacturers guarantee, through their participation in the ATA Program, that the cervid urine used in their products comes from participating Deer Protection Program facilities that comply with the following measures:
  • Participate in a Federally approved CWD program
  • Have documented all cervid movement in/out of herd
  • Continually monitor their herd for CWD
  • Allow additional facility inspections
  • Physically inspect 100 percent of the herd every 3 years
  • Commit to advancement of sound science related to CWD
  • Remain aware of CWD instances within 30 miles, and maintain minimum fence requirements